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  Press Report Regarding

Satellite phone sector is open for all: Telecom Minister.

TRAI to discuss tariff floor price with telecom companies on July 21.


  Media News BSNL

2019      2017

  Amendment to Transfer Policy


Press News














Grant of Time bound financial up-gradation under EPP/NEPP in respect of the VRS-2019 retirees ,which was due before their voluntary retirement on 31.01.2020    


  DPE issues order for IDA payable from 1.7.2020  


 Granting of financial time bound up gradation under NEPP/EPP in respect of BSNL VRS-2019 retirees.


74th Independence Day, Happy Independence Day, Inquilab Zindabad


 Arranging of Service Books of VRS opted DRs .    


  As per the call of the AUAB, lunch hour Protest demonstrations were organised successfully against BJP MP, Shri.  Anantkumar Hedge in Maharashtra Circle Successfully. Photos 

 Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.  



 AUAB circular, calling upon the BSNL Executives and Non-Executives to organise Lunch Hour protest demonstrations and Twitter Campaign on 13-08-2020..  


  श्री. अनंतकुमार हेगडे, उत्तर कन्नड जिल्ह्याचे खासदार, यांनी १० ऑगस्ट २०२० रोजी कुमठा येथे झालेल्या कार्यक्रमात, बी.एस.एन.एल. च्या कामगारांना देशद्रोही म्हणून संबोधले. आम्ही त्यांच्या ह्या बेजबाबदार वक्तव्याबद्दल त्यांचा तीव्र निषेध करत आहोत.

 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to  @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL  Bsnl warriors are greatly hurt on calling them as 'Traitors' by BJP MP Shri Anant kumar Hegde we condemn. Employees performance during natural calamities are unparallel.  

We strongly condemn Sri. Anantakumar Hegde for calling BSNL staff traitors, etc.  

 Letter of further extension of sanction of  Provision to BSNL VRS cases.  

 BSNL VRS -2019 scheme cases.   


 Letter to MOC written by Dr. Bhagwat Karad Ex.Chairman MDB.

 CHQ's letter to BSNL Administration regarding payment of 4th Installment of Exgratia to BSNL VRS-2019 retirees.  

 Absorption Cases of Group B,C,D Employees.


(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to #BSNL4GNow @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL   To put BSNL at par with private telcos implement cabinet decision of 23rd October 2019.  

(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to #BSNL4GNow @PMOIndia @rsprasad @CMDBSNL  To put BSNL at par with private telcos implement cabinet decision of 23rd October 2019.


 Representations by TTAs for grant of DOT recruited employees' status 

 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @CMDBSNL , @arvind9963 LIC premiums in respect of wkg staff are not deposited causing immense danger as families would not get any money from LIC on occurrence of unpleasant incident. Urge deposit dues with penalty and honour terms conditions of insurance.  

(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to @rsprasad  @DOTIndia @CMDBSNL..  heavy landslide at remote village pettymudy of munnar in kerala crippled telecom services, BSNL team today restored towers and proved it is strategic asset of nation. Hearty greetings to BSNL team for rising to occasion and private telcos missing in distress.   



Immediate settlement of pending issues in respect of retired employees under BSNLVRS 2019  

Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.     


(Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @CMDBSNL , @arvind9963 superannuation benefit contributions for bsnl rectts 3and5 percent fm1st april2017 are not being deposited reportedly fm nov2017 making future uncertain pl intervene for reconciliation and resolution.    


Payment of provisional Family Pension on death of a Government Servant during service. 

Office Order by Circle office.

Deployment of manpower on outsourced basis for upkeep of Telecom installations including Buildings and stores.  


Grant of disability pension, comprising service element and disability element to pre-2006 disability pensioners. 


Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) for the month of June 2020 increased by 2 points and stood at 332.  

 BSNL Circle Offices to function with 100% attendance from 1.8.2020  

 Letter to Circle regarding non remittance of Employees Co-Operative credit Societies.

 Letter to Circle regarding Treatment in Cashless hospitals.


   Maharashtra Circle Office endorsment


  DoPT - Clarification on regularization of absence during COVID-19 epidemic lockdown period.




 Meeting of the AUAB was held on 25th July, 2020.



Though BSNL Employees count has got reduced by about 87000 through VRS, the working employees are yet be paid their salary on the due date. Their June salary also remain unpaid for the past 23 days.

 Staff count as on 30.06.2020.  

 Cash flow - April to June 2020.


 Madhusudan Rao Ex-President E-3 Union breathed his last today early morning. His services rendered to NFTE and workers cannot be measured. He was last president of mighty E3 union. Record deep condolences and pray let departed soul rest in peace.. 

Message From::: Com. Islam Ahmad President NFTEBSNL.  Our esteemed leader; com Madhusudan Rao Ex-President E-3 Union breathed his last today early morning. His services rendered to NFTE and workers cannot be measured. Personally I cannot forget love affections shown to me by lates coms Jagan,  Vichare and M. Rao. He was last president of mighty e3 union.record deep condolences and pray let departed soul rest in peace.

 Process of Digitalization of Pension Payment in the Ministries/Departments. 


 Activities to be completed before payment of 4th installment of Ex-gratia in respect of employees retired under BSNL VRS-2019.  


 Provisional release of retirement benefits as per Rule 64 of CCS (Pension) Rule, 1972 during Covid Pandemic time.     


Immediate sending of pending pension cases to CCAs for generation of PPOs in respect of the employees retired voluntarily under the BSNL VRS-2019.


 Cases of VRS Optees under BSNL VRS-2019 where Presidential Order for absorption in BSNL is not traceable.


  Press statement, issued by the AUAB, in connection with agitational programme,  black-flag demonstration on 16-07-2020.  

  Forms for Membership change can be sent by FAX or Email. Subscription Forms will be accepted provisionally till the receipt of Original copies.  


  GMT PUNE : Renewal of empanelment of Hospital in Pune.  

 Extension/retention of staff quarters by VRS-2019 opted employees beyond the normal permissible period of 8 months.     


  Corporate Office instructions on payment of III installment of Ex-Gratia. 

  DOT releases Rs.5278.65 crore to BSNL for payment of III installment of Ex-Gratia of about 38%. The remaining Ex-gratia is likely to be paid by July end or August 2020  

  DoTs letter for Exgratia payment order expected today. In this situation payment may be made by BSNL by coming Tuesday. 

 Payment of Leave Encashment in respect of VRS2019 Employees withheld due to Vigilance clearance.


Congratulations. Lunch hour demonstrations successfully organised in Maharashtra Circle, as per the call of the CHQ.  

Instructions Regarding timely release/payment of Gratuity  (DCRG).

Sovereign Guarantee for issue of Long Term Bonds by BSNL and MTNL   

Claims recoverable on account of  Leave


 DoT nominated Director (Establishment) in various circles, will act as the cadre-controlling officer of the unabsorbed Group C & D employees.


 Ms. Yojana Das, Who was GM (Banking) in Corporate Office and presently PGM (F) and Internal Financial Advisor for  Kerala Telecom Circle is selected as Director Finance BSNL Board. NFTE BSNL congratulates Ms.Yojana Das on her selection as Director (F).

Circular of the AUAB. Decisions taken in the AUAB meeting held on 06.07.2020.    


 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @rsprasad  @DOTIndia @CMDBSNL............  dot employees absorbed in bsnl incldg vrs psnl are covered under pension rule 37a ccas in different circles are citing rules which dont exit no transparency no uniformity urge to resolve avoid complications in future.  



 Lunch Hour Demonstration on 09.07.2020   1    2    3 


  Notice for Agitation by Union. 

  (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @PMOIndia   @rsprasad  @CMDBSNL............   BSNL 4g tender cancelled it  will further delay much affecting service quality of nations strategic asset risking revival situation condition demand immediate  govts help as intention won�t be to kill it.


  Release of pensionary benefits to employees against whom Personal Court Case, other than departmental is pending in the court   

  IDA 159.9% from 1st July 2020 


  Extension of Revalidation of BSNL MRS card for BSNL Retired employees.      Circle Endorsement


 Instruction of BFCI cell of Corporate office, following claims may be included while processing the salary of Month of June 2020.   Click1  Click 2  

  According to sources salary payment for june may not be delayed. some claims may also materialise. 

  Corporate Office instructions on payment of II instalment of Ex-gratia to BSNLVRS 2019 Retirees  


  DOT has released  Rs.3021 crore for payment of Ex-gratia to BSNLVRS 2019 Retirees. Payment of this [22.5% of gross] Ex-gratia will be made by BSNL by 29.06.2020  Letter to Circles

 Engagement of contract workers and expenditure and austerity measures   

  Revision of time limit for final claims for reimbursement of medical expenses under CGHS  


 Regulation of pension and other retirement benefits of government servants who were on extraordinary leave/unauthorized absence/ suspension as on 2016.


 BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued instructions  regarding immediate sending of pending Pension Cases to CCAs for generation of PPOs in respect of the employees retired BSNL VRS-2019  

  Resumption of JTO Phase I Training - Classes will be online and thereafter Examination will be conducted in respective RTTCs  

  Ex-Gratia : DOT is releasing part funds to pay Ex-gratia to BSNLVRS 2019 retirees. The balance is likely to be paid in July on further allotment. 


 Rent revision in cases of leasing out of vacant BSNL quarters in Mumbai District Under various policies.   

 Outdoor  Medical Claim for Retired employees--Clarification issued on 19.06.2020 by BSNL C.O.

 Discussed in detail following issues with CMD, BSNL   : Payment of provisional pension, Leave encashment, LIC, GPF final. He told to bring specific cases to the notice of BSNL Hqr. He also spoken to TN Circle, UP (East Circle). It is requested, Union hqr be reported about non settled cases. CHQ President.

 We are enclosing a copy of letter issued by secretary (Postal) GOI for safety measures for employees. We strongly feel similar steps need to be taken by BSNL HQR for safety of BSNL workers. ( Letter  )


Corporate office's letter on austerity measures in respect of engaging Contract Workers 

   सर्व कर्मचारी बंधू व भगिनींनो,
आपणाला मिळणाऱ्या सर्व रकमांवर इन्कम टँक्स आकारण्याबाबत नव्या नियमाप्रमाणे किंवा जुन्या नियमाप्रमाणे अशा पैकी एक पर्याय देण्याचा आज 20 जून हा शेवटचा दिवस आहे तरी आपण सर्वांनी आपल्याला मिळालेल्या रकमेचा सारासार विचार करून योग्य तो पर्याय निवडावा.
आपण aopaybsnl@gmail.com या इमेल वर आपण मेल करून पर्याय देऊ शकतो 




 Aurangabad CCA work is being shifted to Mumbai today itself.

BSNLMRS:::::- Pre April retirees have also to give option. 


 (Twitter)  NFTE BSNL writes to   @rsprasad , @DoT_India , @CMDBSNL :::  Faults in services are not rectified due shortage staff condition will further worsen due rains much talked outsourcing not yet on surface 4g becoming dream bsnl strategic asset condition will be pathetic if positive steps not taken urgently.


Amendment to Rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 - Settlement of Family Pension. 


For any act during service, whether in official capacity or otherwise, where Judicial proceedings are continued after retirement, such Judicial proceedings come under the purview of Rule 9 and Rule 69 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972  


NFTE BSNL writes to Administration regarding  BSNL MRS. 

   दुःखद निधन
NFTE BSNL UNION , WTR मुंबई चे मा
जी  अध्यक्ष कॉ पी.के.राणे, यांचे आज सकाळी हॉली क्रॉस हॉस्पिटलमध्ये 4 वाजता दुःखद निधन झाले,
स्वर्गीय कॉ.पी.के.राणे, यांच्या आत्म्यास परमेश्वर शांती देवो हीच प्रार्थन.
महाराष्ट्र सर्कल च्या वतीने कॉ.पी.के.राणे, यांना भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली.


Immediate sending of pending cases to CCAs of VRS2019 Retirees.  

Cut-off date for exercising one option for outdoor  Medical Claim for Retired employees. Last date is be 30th June 2020. 


 VRS19 तसेच इतर सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारी ज्यांना मेडिकल बाह्य उपचार(Out Door Medical Facility) साठीचे विकल्प(Option) (1) सी.जी.एच.एस.
(2) बिले दाखल करून
15 दिवसाच्या ( सेवानिवृत्त झाला त्यावेळचा बेसिक + आयडीए)
(3) बिले न देता (रुपये 1000 दर महिन्याला )
या पैकी जो सोयीचा असेल असा एक विकल्प दि.30जून 2020 पर्येंत मेडिकल सेकशन ला दाखल करावयाचा आहे.(PPO आला नसला तरी)

Stay Particulars in respect of JEs in MH Circle.


Compliance Report Submitted to CCA for VRS Ex-Gratia pay out. BSNL Co letter No.BSNLCO-CA/11/11/2020-CA-ERP-FICO Dtd.09.06.2020  

Providing the status of Telecom facility provided to various DOT officers/Officials.  

Outdoor Medical Claims with the latest available prescription which are not older than 6 months are allowed due to COVID-19 lockdown. 

DoPT guidelines on Attendance and preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in Offices. 


 कोलमडलेल्या नेटवर्कला बीएसएनएलचा हात/  BSNL again emerges as the Best Telecom service provider during period of crises --Nisarg Cyclone.  1   2


 DOT writes to BSNL & MTNL seeking details for payment of second installment of Exgratia


 Calling of options from officials in the grade of JE�s in Circle cadre for posting out of tenure SSAs in MH Circle.  

Cases of employees belonging to Halba/Halba Koshti/Koshti caste/community under ST category and implementation of DOPT OM No. 36012/12/2013-Estt.(Res) dated 08.04.2019    


Option to change authorisation for deduction of membership subscription of Union from salary.  


 Form-16 to be issued to BSNL Employees (Working/Retired) for the F.Y. 2019-20 (A.Y. 2020-21). 


   Consumer Price Index : Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) for the month of April 2020 increased by 3 points and stood at 329.   


 MHA issues new Guidelines Phased re-opening of all activities outside Containment Zones (Unlock 1) Strict enforcement of lockdown in Containment Zones    MHA Order on re-opening.

  Circle Office Mumbai Only-Regarding change of payment mode of empanelled Kenia Eye Hospital, from CGHS Cashless to CGHS Cash Payment Basis. 

 BSNL Management decides to claim recoupement of the Leave Encashment expenses, paid for the leave accumulated till 01-10-2000.

CGHS : Reimbursement of cost of OPD Medicines- Special sanction in view of COVID-19 till 31st July 2020   


   Payment of leave encashment in respect of VRS-2019 optees whose vigilance clearance is withheld.  


  Identification of Nodal Officers for eOffice implemention in Circle/SSAs. 


  Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.     


    BSNL, MTNL employees who have retired in April 2020 will be paid benefits @ 160.7% IDA - order issued by DOT on 28.4.2020 stand reversed  



DOT to CCAs on Special measure for Pensioners' Life Certificate. 

 Instructions w.r.t. Operation and Maintenance and functioning of Administrative Offices w.e.f. 18.05.2020  

 Endorsement of Maharashtra Circle regarding Finalization of Pension and payment of other benefits in respect of the employees retired voluntarily under the BSNL VRS-2019   

 CORRIGENDUM- Regarding empanelment of Pvt. Hospitals in Ahmednagar � SSA    


    Regarding of empanelment of Pvt. Hospitals in Ahmednagar - SSA  

    Renewal of empanelment of Pvt. Hospitals in Aurangabad - SSA 

     दुःखद निधन NFTE BSNL अकोला व वाशीम SSA चे अध्यक्ष कॉमरेड अब्दुल खलीक यांचे  तारीख 19 05 2020 ला ह्रदय विकाराने दुःखद निधन झाले. ईश्वर मृताम्यास चिर शांती देवो हीच प्रार्थना. महाराष्ट्र सर्कल च्या वतीने कॉमरेड अब्दुल खलीक यांना भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली...!




    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare - Guidelines on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in workplace settings. 


    BSNL चे कर्मचारी व NFTE संघटनेचे जिल्हा सचिव श्री सुदाम भाऊ सैंदाने यांचे वडिल कै.पंढरीनाथ गंगाराम (ठाकूर)सैंदाने वय ८०यांचे आज संध्याकाळी निधन झाले. त्यांची अंतिम यात्रा उद्या सकाळी ठिक ८ वाजता वाघनगर जळगांव येथून नेरी नाका वैकुठ धाम येथे येईल बाबानां भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली ओमशांती शांती शांती 

महाराष्ट्र सर्कल च्या वतीने कै. पंढरीनाथ ठाकूर यांना भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली...! NFTE महाराष्ट्र युनियन कॉम.सैनदाने यांच्या दुःखात सहभागी आहे.


   Sangli-SSA-Regarding renewal of empanelment of Pvt. Hospitals in Sangli- SSA    

   SSAs-Effective use of �Aarogyasetu� App for breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19.  


Home Ministry order on extension of Lockdown upto 31.5.2020  




 Consolidated Instruction for pension distributing authorities to ensure smooth Payment of pension/family pension to pensioners/family pensioners. OM No.12/4/2020-P&PW(C)-6300  Dtd.15.05.2020.

  Launching of 4G services is the lifeline for BSNL and the first and foremost requirement for BSNLs Revival'.


DoP&PW has started a Call Center with a Toll Free Number 1800-11-1960 where pensioners can lodge their grievances on Centralised Pension Grievance Redress and Monitoring System.    

 Pension Finalization and payment of other benefits in respect of the Employees retired voluntarily under BSNL VRS 2019   



   Deployment of manpower on outsourced basis for upkeep of Telecom Installations including Buildings and stores.    


   Procedure for Outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employees (serving/retired). 

 Petition before the Delhi High Court challenging the decision to freeze dearness allowance (DA) of public servants and pensioners in the wake of the COVID-19pandemic.Synopsis   


    NFTE BSNL writes to Administration regarding non availability of protective equipment.:: BSNL work force working indoor and outdoor facing threats of lives. No materials for safety. These are on papers only. Appeal for sensitiveness for safety. Forcefully demand the BSNL braves be covered with special insurance package.  

  Grievance of field staff :::सर जी  सुरक्षा व्यवस्था का जो निर्देश दिए हैं लेकिन कही भी उचित सुरक्षा व्यवस्था नही है कुछ एक्चेंज में पिने के पानी तक आभाव है। और दूसरा यह कि कोरोन महामारी में अन्य विभागों के कर्मचारियों को बिमा सुरक्षा की  व्यवस्था दि गईं हैं वह हमारे कर्मचारियों को भी मिलना चाहिए। यही निवेदन है। साथ ही सभी जगह सेनेटाइजर एवं हैंड वाश की व्यवस्था की जाए क्योंकि ये सारी व्यवस्थाएं केबल कागज पर ही उपलब्ध है। विभाग में कही नही है यथार्त में।



  MNP REPORT - 08 MAY 2020 

 Schedule of Online Courses at RTTC Pune for the week 11/05/2020 to 16/05/2020 

Establishment Review for calculating the vancancies of CGA for the year 2019-20.   

   Deployment of staff on network operation and maintenance post VRS on Temporary basis.




   Calling of Option for the new Tax regime under Sec.115 BAC of the IT ACT 1961 for the year 2020-21 & onwards. 

   Payment of Leave Encashment & Provisional Pension to officials retired under BSNLVRS 2019 and for whom VC is withheld 



     Quarterly Statement of staff for Gr.  A,B,C and D Cadres as on 31st March 2020.

   Media NEWS:   DPIIT asks telecom dept, BSNL to hold Rs 9,000 cr worth ...  


   Extension of revalidation of BSNLMRS medical card for BSNL retired employees.   


    MHA Order Dt. 1.5.2020 to extend Lockdown period for 2 weeks w.e.f. 4.5.2020 with new guideline.

    BSNL CO's Letter regarding Effective use of 'Aarogyasetu' app for breaking chain of transmission of COVID-19.  

  The Hindu Business Line News:  Destroying BSNL, one more time.  


    PUNE SSA ONLY-Regarding extension of empanelment of Pvt. Hospitals in Pune SSA.   

    Calling of options from amongst JEs working in Akola SSA for posting in WTR Akola and WTR Washim.  


   Submission of physical copy of service book to CCA Office 

   Regarding release of ex-gratia and leave encashment    

   Still some of  loss making PSUs are paying their employees in 5th/6th/7th CPC CDA pay scale.  

    Report from Com. Mrs. S.M. Pardeshi. District President Pune Regarding Pune  


   DOT issues clarification regarding BSNL employees  1.4.2020 IDA   

    Freezing of DA to Employees drawing CDA pay scales - DPE endorsement


   NFTE CHQ has taken up the following issue with CMD BSNL:-

  Res CMD Saheb...

We are anxious max revenue of march April etc is realised and collected in interest of all . Few things are appended below so that workers may work fearlessly.

1Work places be sanitised.

2Hand gloves, sanitizers masks be provided

3Sanitaion of offices including wash rooms be ensured

4 Water should be available.

5 Van be available to work in red zone.

Sir,  honestly speaking the above facilities as per GOI orders are lacking in field units. CGMs and SSA heads are suffering from inertia. Unable to understand where the allotted fund by BSNL hqr has gone. You will appreciate sir,  employees are precious and be treated akin to medical personnel.

Deep regards...
President NFTE BSNL

  DoT, New Delhi instructions regarding implementation of Income Tax Module in SAMPANN     

   Parliamentary Standing Committee report on Industrial Relations Code 2019  

  District Secretary Pune's letter to Pune management asking them to follow the instructions given by DOPT, BSNL C.O. and Circle office during COVID 19 lockdown period , as they have decided to reopen the CSCs.  Page1     Page2


   SSA/BA-Regarding extension of empanelment of hospitals with BSNL.   


  Corporate Office instructions on TR Centralisation  

   General secretary AITUC to the Press today regarding Government to freeze the Dearness Allowance (DA) due to the Central Government Employees and DR due to the Pensioners.  

   Letter to GOI by Secretary JCM CGE regarding freezing of  DA of CG Employees and DR of CG Pensioners.  



COVID-19 Crisis:   Government freezes DA of CG Employees and DR of CG Pensioners.

Corrigendum Option to be exercised before 31.05.2020 by BSNL Employees for switching over to new (IT) taxation regime. 


   Revision of Sanction Strength of various cadres in BSNL. 

  BSNL C. O. calls for city wise information required for the roll out of 4G service.  

   Clarification on RED Policy.  

    Reminder  Instructions regarding payment of VRS dues


   Inclusion of Transgender in the application forms for Recruitment- DoPT Order.  


  Option to be exercised before 28.4.2020 by BSNL Employees for switching over to new (IT) taxation regime  

  BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued instructions  regarding payment of VRS dues - Left out cases.  

  BSNL CO instruction: Regarding extension of revalidation of BSNLMRS medical card for BSNL retired employees. 


  Regarding extension of revalidation of BSNLMRS medical card for BSNL retired employees.    


  PIB NEWS:  No proposal for reduction of pension, says Government


    Instructions w.r.t. Operation & Maintenance and functioning of the Administrative Offices during the lockdown period w.e.f. 20.04.2020 in view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in India. Letter No. BSNLCO-A/11/(11)/2/2020-ESTAB   Dated18th April, 2020


  BSNL issues letter for the payment of IDA at the revised rate of 160.7 w.e.f 01-04-2020.  

     Pune District Secretary report regarding staff problem in lock down period. 



  Emergency Instructions in view of COVID-19 - Hiring of Drivers  Action Taken by Chennai Telephones.


  Consolidated Revised Guidelines for the Containment of COVID-19 epidemic in the Country - Additional activities exempted from Lockdown Measures under the Revised Guidelines, to come into effect from 20.04.2020

    DoT   issued instructions regarding payment of pension for regular pension cases till March-2020  

   Government Of India Letter on Clarification in respect of option under section 115BAC of the Income Tax Act 1961  




  Involvement of Group 'C' staff in TR activities (Dialing to the customers etc)      




   Instruction Regarding Payment of VRS dues/ validation  & Compliance. 

Com.  Om Prakash Gupta 99th Jayanti  8-04-2020.

A visionary leader in the telecom sector.

We Remember you as today again we are passing through Critical situation.

Thousands and Thousands Red Salute to You.



   DPE issues order for increase in IDA with effect from 1.4.2020  


     DOPT OM. No.11013/9 /2014-Estt.(A.III)  New Delhi,Dated the 1st April 2020

    Release of pensionary benefits.    

   Consolidated guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on COVID -19   


  Consumer Price Index (IW) for the month of February 2020 decreased by 2 points and stood at 328. The increase in IDA with effect from April 2020 will be 3.4%.


   Maintenance of Telecom services   


     Renewal of empanelment of pvt. hospitals in Pune SSA   Satara SSA   

     Providing uninterrupted Telecom Services-availability of employees on duty.

   Global Preparedness Monitoring Board - A World at Risk - WHO Body Report - September 2019   





  FIRST INSTALMENT OF EX-GRATIA OF VRS of Maharashtra Circle JANUARY  2020    


   BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions to all Territorial and Non-Territorial Circles and DGM R&P BSNL CO regarding for Payment of VRS dues and Ex-gratia...    Clause 4


   Home Ministry's Instructions and Guidelines on 21 days lockdown.


   Maintenance of essential services   

  Corporate Office instructions regarding payment of VRS dues 

  Corporate Office instructions dated 23.03.2020 on Covid -19  


   AIIMS COVID-19 Information Booklet


    DPE Office Memorandum on Coronavirus. 


    Q&A in Rajya Sabha - Payments to Employees of BSNL who have availed VRS 



   Corporate Office letter on Details of booking of Leave Encashment and Gratuity  


   DoPT Advisory to all the Ministries/Departments regarding Preventive Measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID - 19) 


    Ex-gratia Payment for BSNL VRS 2019 retirees � regarding circulation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).    


    Q&A in Lok Sabha - Pension Revision of BSNL Employees  

   Corporate Office letter on payment of Leave Encashment to BSNL VRS 2019 Retirees  


     Co-authorisation of permanently disabled child/children in PPO for Family Pension - DoP&PW O.M 

     Exemption(upto 31.3.2020) from marking attendance thro'Biometric system- DoPT O.M on Coronovirus 

     Rajya Sabha Q&A : It was replied in the Parliament that the total accumulated loss of BSNL during the current financial year upto 31.12.2019 is Rs.39089 crore. 

      BSNL has started making losses from 2009-2010. Upto the F.Y 2018-2019, BSNL has accumulated losses to the tune of Rs.72802 crore. The figure 39089 crore given in the above reply may be wrong because the total accumulated loss of BSNL upto 2018-19 is Rs.72802 crore and BSNL could not have made a loss of Rs.39089 in the 9 months of this Financial year alone as it has faltered on paying the salary and other claims to its staff & as well bills to its vendors.

    And if it is right, some thing is very seriously wrong.  


    Recovery of Over Payment due to wrong Pay fixation of VRS optees. 


    Q&A in Lok Sabha on Net worth of BSNL  


    Cancellation of POs of Employees recruited by BSNL on or after 1.10.2000 - DoT issues Clarification

    Provisional pension to the BSNL VRS 2019 optee.  


  BSNL to pay January salary by first week of March .

    BSNL intends to credit January salary before March 9 and wages for February by March-end. However, this does not mean that the company is able to streamline salary payments every month,� the source added :


   Payment of GPF to VRS 2019 retirees before 29.02.2020 - Director (HR) letter to Circle Heads   


Report given by Circle office regarding: Processing of Pension cases(SAMPANNA)for VRS optees under VRS-2019 Scheme.  

  E Book for Heads of Circle Conference     


  Status of the Case filed by ITSA in Hon'ble Delhi High Court : During the hearing on 19.2.2020, the Court ordered that

1. All salary dues to be cleared within 7 days, failing which 12% interest is to be paid.

2. All Bills already submitted but pending are to be cleared within 4 weeks.

3 All Bills that are to be submitted are to be cleared within 6 weeks. Strict compliance mandatory.



  Deployment of manpower post VRS on outsourcing basis.   


    DOT conveys approval for payment of Provisional Pension to VRS optees of BSNL & MTNL


   Income Tax exemptions for BSNL VRS 2019  Optees. 


  Issue of LPC-----BSNL VRS Scheme. 


   Question and Answer in Parliament on BSNL   A   B    D


  Cash inflow - January 2020  


 BSNL, MTNL employees who have opted for VRS need to wait till 2020-21 for dues.  

  Demands - Department of Telecommunications   


        " Happy Retirement "


















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