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NFTE-BSNL महाराष्ट्र परिमंडल कार्यकारीणी(CEC)ची बैठक दिनांक 16.02.2017 व 17.02.2017 रोजी राळेगण सिद्धी येथे करण्याचे आयोजीत करण्यात आले आहे.या प्रसंगी पद्मभुषण मा.श्री.अण्णा हजारे यांना या कार्यक्रमाचे निमंत्रण देताना एन एफ टी ई -बी एस एन एल महाराष्ट्र परिमंडल सचीव काँ. रंजन दाणी यांनी या प्रसंगी अण्णाशी चर्चा करताना असे सांगितले की बी एस एन एल टाँवर कंपनीच्या माध्यमातुन बी एस एल एन कंपनीला कमकुवत करण्याचा प्रयत्न होत आहे.खाजगी उद्योगपतीच्या हितासाठी बी एस एन एल या सार्वजनीक क्षेत्रातील कंपनीला संपविण्याचे धोरण सरकारने आखले आहे.या कंपनीच्या रक्षणासाठी व देशाच्या, ग्राहकाच्या हितासाठी लक्ष घालण्याची विनंती अण्णांना करण्यात आली.या प्रसंगी बी एस एन एल च्या खाजगीकरणाविषयी,भविष्याविषयी चर्चा झाली.

या वेळी महाराष्ट्र परिमंडल कोषाध्यक्ष काँ आर पी जोशी,एन एफ टी ई, अहमदनगर जिल्हा अध्यक्ष काँ त्रिंबक दुधाडे,एन एफ टी ई अहमदनगर जिल्हा सचीव काँ अशोक हिंगे,एन एफ टी ई,एल सी एम मेंबर अ.नगर काँ सुनिल धर्माधिकारी हे या प्रसंगी उपस्थित होते.




5 Days Satyagraha w.e.f. 30-01-2018:- All the District Secretaries are requested to arrange preparatory meeting at District level, coordinating with all the unions/associations as the ensuing agitation is crucial one and we have to make all efforts for its historic success.

Issuance of Presidential Order to left out TSMs


General Secretaries and other leaders of All unions and associations of BSNL met with CMD BSNL:- A delegation of leaders of All unions and associations of BSNL met with CMD (BSNL) and discussed the formation of Tower Company and hidden development like appointment of CMD for Tower Company etc. The delegation conveyed the resentment prevailing amongst the workers after flashing the news of appointment of CMD of so called subsidiary tower company. It was added by the leaders of staff, that all the norms and parameters have been ignored and dictatorial decision have been taken unilaterally by the DOT. The entire workforce have decided to protest and fight against the decision.

Lunch hour demonstration at all level on 08-01-2018. Against Tower Company:- News are coming from field units that the lunch hour demonstration have been conducted very massively throughout the Circle at SSA and circle headquarter.(Photos Click Here) 





Unanimous decisions taken in today’s meeting of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” to intensify the struggles for achieving wage revision and for the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’

“The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”, held it’s meeting at New Delhi today to discuss about the steps to be taken for intensifying the struggles for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and to ensure the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’. The meeting was attended by the General Secretaries / Representatives of NFTE, BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and TOA BSNL. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO. The following decisions are taken unanimously for intensifying the struggles to achieve the demands.


Struggle programme:


1)   Whole day Satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the Satyagraha will be marked by the paying of ‘shradhanjali’ at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018, by the leaders of the “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

(2)   ‘Indefinite Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018.

(3)   Massive “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 28.02.2018.

 (4)   Leaders of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” will take all out efforts to meet Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, the Secretary DoT and CMD BSNL, within a week’s time.

(5)   The meeting entrusted Com. G.L. Jogi, Leader, SNEA, and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, with the responsibility of exploring possibilities to take legal action to roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.<br/>

(6)   A Steering Committee consisting of the General Secretaries of NFTE, BSNLEU, SNEA and AIBSNLEA is formed to monitor the struggles.

(7)   Meeting the leaders of political parties and Central Trade Unions, by 30.01.2018, to mobilise support in favour of the demands of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.

Charter of demands

(1)   Settle:-

(a)   3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b)   Settle pension revision.

(c)    Settle left-out issues of the 2nd PRC.

 (2)   Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.


All  Circle Secretaries /district Secretaries  are requested to co ordinate with the leaders of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL” at your Circle/District and make the agitational  programme  as mentioned  above a grand success as the BSNL company as well as employees are passing through a critical situation which has been imposed by the union  government in  planned manner. So unity and struggle is only way left to us. All should unite and fight against the anti BSNL and anti workers policy of the govt.



5th death anniversary of Com. O.P. Gupta unparallel leader of working class and founder of UPTW and NFPTE.


Holding of Local Council and Works Committee meeting. 

Message (Hindi Version) from Director (HR) BSNL C.O. New Delhi.    


The Issue of Revival of BSNL. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi.


Corporate office letter on Medical reimbursement with voucher for outdoor treatment - revised annual ceiling to be calculated on revised basic pay @ 78.2% fixation for upto 23 days w.e.f. 01.01.2018 in respect of Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL This issue has taken up by NFTE in National council. Issue of restoring 23 days to 25 days is to be taken up our CHQ union.



Govt Approves Rs 4,066 Crore to Ensure Last Mile Connectivity to people in all gram panchayats under the BharatNet project; BSNL to Add New Towers: Manoj Sinha

Government to Equip Towers With Solar Power Kits to Keep Them Functioning Even When There is No Power Supply: Sinha.


 2.6% increase in IDA from 01-01-2018 (Total 124.3 + 2.6 =126.9%).

Revision under timing of free night calling from existing "9 PM to 7 AM" to "10.30 PM to 6 AM & Sunday Free calling  


Clarification regarding posting of spare Motor Drivers.



Holding of Circle and Local Council meeting as per prescribed schedule.


5th  District conference of Akola  NFTE (BSNL) was held on 24th instant at Akola in Hotel Central Plaza under the Presidentship of Com. Bandi. The seminar and “open session” was also organized on 24th which was graced by Shri. Nayane, GM, and other officers. CHQ Secretary Com. K.S.Kulkarni, Com. Milind Ingale ACS, Com. Anil Sawant ACS and Com. Belsare Org. Secretary attended and addressed the meeting. Com. Viju Kamble D.S. Buldhana attended the conferene. Com. Abdul Khaliq (O/S), Com. K.P.Kharat (JE) and Com. Sakpal(JE) have been elected as Dist. President, Distt. Secy and Dist. Treasurer respectively. Maharashtra Circle Branch Congratulate New Elected District Body.(Conf.Photos)


Review of pending cases of absorption of Group B,C & D employees in BSNL.  


Availability/accessibility of Officers and Officials during and beyond office hours


Photos of historic and unprecedented 2 day strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017. 


List of Closed Holidays/Restricted Holidays to be observed by the Administrative/Operative offices of Maharashtra Telecom Circle during the year 2018.

Minutes of 2nd CCM meeting with recognised unions held on 24th November, 2017  


Two day strike completed successfully in all SSA’s in Maharashtra Circle. NFTE Maharashtra  congratulates all district secretaries, circle office bearers , district office bearers, branch secretaries , all leaders of unions and associations of BSNL and the Non Executives and Executives who participated in the strike.


Two day strike started successfully in all SSAs of Maharashtra Circle. We congratulate and salute to all the members and workers of BSNL unions & associations of Maharashtra Circle. 


The two day strike taking place on 12th and 13th, December, 2017, called on by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, will start at00:00 hrs. on 12-12-2017. The strike will come to an end on 24:00 hrs on 13-12-2017.


 Minutes of adjourned 35th Meeting of the NCM held on 13.11.2017 Click Here


Com. R. K. Kohli our beloved leader passed away today AT 09.00Hrs.Maharashtra Circle  pays respectful homage with deep sorrow and offer our heartfelt condolences to his family members.


All unions and Associations of Maharashtra circle organised a very massive and impressive strike preparatory meeting at Pune today. A large number of Non-Executives and Executives participated in the meeting. It was very encouraging to note that almost 50% of them were women employees. The meeting was addressed by Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL, Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, com. Suresh Kumar, General Secretary, BSNL MS, com. Sridhar Babu, Joint Secretary, AIGETOA, Com. Shinde ACS SEWA and many other leaders addressed the meeting. The leaders appealed to the employees to ensure 100% participation in the forthcoming 2 day strike, to be held on 12th and 13th December,2017. They also called on the employees to get ready for an indefinite strike, if the demands are not settled in the 2 day strike. Com.K.S.Kulkarni, Secretary CHQ, NFTE BSNL, Com.Ranjan Dani, CS, NFTE BSNL and Com.Nagesh Kumar Nalawade,CS, BSNLEU, Com.John Verghese, AGS, BSNLEU, were also present on the dais. (Click Here  Photo)


Strike notice served for the two days strike.

Wage Negotiations for workmen in Central Public Sector Enterprises.  DPE Guidelines


Corporate Office issues letter to count training period also as residency period for appearing in the JE LICE. No.250-2/2014-Estt-III 20.11.2017::::: Counting of pre appointment training period of Telecom Technicians (Telecom Mechanics) as regular service for reckoning. Five years to be eligible to appear in LICE for Junior Engineers. Letter No.-TF-14/1(a), dt-30-10-2017. Click Here


The meeting of all unions and Associations in BSNL took place at 11.00Hrs in the SEWA BSNL office. The meeting was chaired by Com.C.Singh G.S.NFTE BSNL. Following decisions have been taken: 1) The Human chain programme which was to be held on 16.11.2017 is postponed to23.11.2017 in Lunch hour. It is also decided that placards, containing our demands on wage revision and subsidiary tower company, should be prominently displayed during the human chain programme.2)Memorandum to be submitted to respective Hon. M.P.s upto 30.11.2017. A copy of the memorandum will be circulated within a day or two.3) It is decided that all the Circle secretaries of Unions and Associations should meet on 18.11.2017to discuss and organise the above programme including two days strike effectively. Circle secretaries of NFTE BSNL are requested to take the initiative to organise the meeting successfully 4) It is also decided to serve strike notice of Two Days i.e. 12th and 13th Dec.2017 to CMD BSNL and Secretary DOT on 23.11.2017. CHQ requests all the circle and district unions to organise the programme effectively, in coordination with other unions and associations.



Kind attention of Circle office bearers/District Secretaries: -- All unions in BSNL have given call to organize “ Human Chain Programme” on 16th November 2017 for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. The Circle appeals to you to organise and participate in the programme whole heartedly along with our alliance partners.






Dharna at Parliament street:- A massive and memorable Dharna held at Parliament street on 09-11-2017 from 10.00 am TO 16.00 hrs PM. Thousands and thousands of workers from all corners of the country participated with flag cards and banners of their organizations. The central CPSUs & State Govt unions/federations participated in the programme to oppose the anti labour ad anti trade union policies of present Govt in the Centre. All have given sky touching slogans in the Dharna. The Govt systematically attacking the PSUs and denying wage revision to workers in PSUs. All sectors including Railways are also part of the Dharna. More than 400 Comrades from NFTE-BSNL participated in Dharna programme. Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. is in the presidium, he explained the mass that there is a danger to Trade union movement in this scenario. He cautioned and requested all to be vigilant to oppose the ill motive of Govt. The circle Secretaries of Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Chennai, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, UP(W) and all central office bearers of head quarter participated in the Dharna. More than 50 Comrades from Maharashtra, 30 Comrades from Punjab and Comrades from Tamilnadu, Chennai & Haryana were also present in the “Dharna” from morning to evening. CHQ conveys thanks to all participants ---- Red Salute Comrades



       AIC will be held at Amirtsar from 14th to 16th March, 2018


    The contour of the affordability and our Tasks. November 2017 Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi.   


       Meeting with GM(Rectt):- Com. Chandeshwar Singh, G.S, Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secy HQR and Com. Rajamouli, Treasurer met with GM(Rectt) and discussed the following issues:1) Counting of pre training period of TT(TM) as regular service to reckoning 5 years eligibility condition to appear in ensuing LICE of JE (RY 2016) in light of DOPT guidelines.2)Review of results in respect of JAO 10% examination held 24.09.2016 based on the process adopted for 40% quota examination.G.M.(Rectt) responded positively and assured to resolve both the issues at an earliest possible.


       एन एफ टी बी एस एन एल रायगड जिल्हा यांच्या वतीने आगामी 9 नोव्हेंबर 2017 रोजी सर्व कामगारांच्या दिल्ली येथील मोर्चाच्या तयारीसाठी आणि तिसऱ्या वेतन कराराकरीता होणाऱ्या संघर्षाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर  बैठकीचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. समाजवादी विचारवंत साथी अँड विष्णू ढोबळे आणि सर्कल सेक्रेटरी कॉम. रंजन दाणी यांच्या प्रमुख उपस्थितीत झालेल्या सभेच्या अध्यक्षस्थानी सेवा बीएसएनएल रायगडचे जिल्हा सचिव आयु सुनील जाधव साहेब होते . एकूणच संघटित असंघटित कामगारांच्या अनुषंगाने चळवळीवर भाष्य करत साथी विष्णू ढोबळे यांनी कामगार चळवळ संपवण्याची आणि देश भांडवलदारांच्या घशात घालण्याची सरकारची नीती स्पष्ट केली.

आपल्या भाषणात कॉम रंजन दानी यांनी एनएफटीई च्या कामगार हिताच्या ईतिहासापासून सध्याच्या संघर्षाच्या वर्तमानापर्यत सर्व पैलूंचा उहापोह केला. त्यांनी डिओटी सेक्रेटरी श्री सिवसैलम यांच्याशी केलेल्या चर्चेबाबत स्वतः माहिती दिली आणि तिसरा वेतन करार 15% टक्के फिटमेंटसहीत मिळवूनच शांत होऊ असा विश्वास सभागृहात दिला. जीएमटी ऑफिसमधील सर्व कर्मचारी सदर सभेत उपस्थित होते कॉम रवि पवार कॉम निलेश देवधरे  कॉम मंगेश गायकवाड कॉम अविनाश आंग्रे कॉम सुरेश धूलप कॉम प्रिती प्रभु तेंडुलकर आदि कोम्रेडसनी अत्यंत मेहनत करून सदर कार्यक्रम घडवून  आणला. सुत्रसंचालन जिल्हा सचिन दीपक जाधव  यांनी केलेPhoto 1    Photo2




               All the District Secretaries please note:- Accommodation is provided from 8th to 9th November, 2017 for participants in “Dharna” programme at Parliament on 09-11-2017. The place of accommodation is at “AKHILA BHARATH HINDU MAHASABHA”, Mandir Marg, New Delhi. It is located 1 KM away from New Delhi Railway station, and the accommodation will be available from 10.00 am on 08-11-2017. Contact No.-011-23365138, weather is a little cold at present in New Delhi.



        Celebrate foundation day of NFTE(NFPTE) on 24th November, 2017:- NFPTE(NFTE) born on 24-11-1954. The mighty orgnisation is completing 63 years on 24-11-2017.  As per CHQ decision on this occasion, District Secretaries are requested to celebrate the day by hoisting NFTE flags at all exchanges/offices and also requested to conduct meetings and deliberate history of working class movement in P&T, DOT &BSNL and the achievements of NFTE (NFPTE) from 1954 to till date.




  Counting of pre appointment training period of Telecom Technicians (Telecom Mechanics) as regular service for reckoning. Five years to be eligible to appear in LICE for Junior Engineers. Letter No.-TF-14/1(a), dt-30-10-2017.




              As per Decision taken on 4th October 2017 and NEC at Vijayawada, and direction of CHQ, all District Secretaries are requested to take immediate preparatory steps, for organising the human chain program effectively on 16.11.2017 , by coordinating with all other unions and associations for 3rd PRC and against formation of Tower Company.




                 Leaders of all Unions and Associations of Aurangabad SSA, Maharashtra submitted Memorandum regarding 3rd PRC and Separate Tower Company to Shri. N. Sivsailam Addl Secretary (T), who was in camp at Aurangabad in connection with Bharat Net review meeting. The Additional Secretary responded very positively for implementation of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Photo

Joint National Workshop of workers in CPSUs held at Hyderabad on 22-10-2017.


          Award Of Departmental Scholarship for the education of the children of BSNL employees for the year 2017-18. Dated:16.10.2017

          Approval for issue of Presidential Order in respect of left out casual labours of (TSMs who have been conferred TSM Status as on or before 30/09/2000 and Regularised on or after 01/10/2000). Circle office’s ltr No.A-PPE-11/TSM/Fol.I/67 Dated:16.10.2017

              Meeting with Director (HR) on PLI:- The meeting of PLI committee will be convened to resolve the matter. The Director (HR) appealed not to organize agitations on the issue.



 The National Executive meeting (Central Working Committee) held on12th and 13th of October 2017 at Vijayawada, unanimously resolved to adopt the following resolutions.

1 Wage Revision in BSNL:  Settle  wage revision for BSNL Employees and Officers from 01/01/2017 with 15% fitment benefit and also revision of allowances from 01/01/2017.

The NEC demands to revamp the Wage Committee as a bilateral for Non Executives and appeals the management to start negotiation

2 We totally oppose to the formation of the Tower Company, since it will lead to strategic sale of BSNL towers by way of inducting strategic partners.  It will also lead to disintegration of BSNL.

Hence the Cabinet decision for the formation of the Tower Company should be dropped.

               The CWC call upon all the Circle and District level leaders to mobilize  workers for demonstration, dharna and 2 days strike on 12th and 13th December 2017.

3 Productivity Linked Incentive:

Pending finalization of the PLI formula should be paid to the workers. If not National CWC authorizes the CHQ to chart out Trade union action.

4 Outsourcing of CSC : 

The CWC totally oppose to the proposal of BSNL Management to hand over 3000 CSC’s to Private Agencies on the plea of insufficient manpower. National CWC demand that this ill-conceived move is to be dropped forthwith. Instead new recruitment should take place in the cadre of Group C and Group D to meet out the manpower shortage.

5 Parliament March : 

The Mass organizations and all Central Trade unions has given a call for Parliament March on November 09th 10th  and 11th of 2017, to protest against the Modi Government for its Anti-people, Anti Labour and Anti-peasant policies.  The National CWC call upon the Circle Secretaries to mobilize the workers in full strength for the Parliament March.

Dhadha Ghose Bhavan : Nation CWC appeal to the CHQ leadership to appoint a committee to look into the affairs of the Dhadha Ghosh Bhavan NewDelhi



All District Secretaries   are requested to kindly ensure full participation in lunch hour demonstration on 16th October 2017 to achieve 3rd PRC Co-Ordinate with all Unions and Associations’ to make it grand success.

Out sourcing of CSC: As per discussion ld on 9th October 2017 with CMD NFTE has been invited on 16 October 2017 at 11.00 Hrs. to discuss the issue of out sourcing of CSC’s. We are opposed to the proposal.

Sequel to NFTE’s letters and meeting with CMD and director (HR) on 9th October 2017 instant on PLI the Director (HR) has fixed a meeting on 16th October 2017 at 12.00 Hrs. to discuss the issue of payment of PLI to BSNL employees.

                11 October 2017 
Meeting of Remuneration Committee of BSNL Board:

The Remuneration Committee of BSNL Board consisting of Prof Dasthana/Chairman, Smt Sujata Rao/Ex IAS officer and Extl Board member, Smt Sujata T Ray/DIR(HR) and Smt Padma Iyer Kaul/DDG and Board member from DoT met today afternoon and discussed the following items. BSNL made detailed presentations to the Remuneration Committee.

a) Proposal for 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment.

b) Proposal for 2% hike in Superannuation benefits.

The recommendations of the Remuneration Committee will be placed before the Full Board meeting, tomorrow morning.


Meeting with CMD:- Com. Chandeshwar Singh General Secretary, Com. Islam Ahmad President, Com. V. Subburaman G.S, TEPU and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ met CMD on 09-10-2017 and discussed the issue of Subsidiary Tower Company, CMD conveyed to the leaders that as on today the Subsidiary Tower Company is fully owned by BSNL. The Union leaders conveyed their opposition as there are dangers specially due provision of joint venture and likelihood of disinvestment. (ii) On the issue of Payment of PLI for 2015-16 to BSNL employees he reacted positively.

Meeting with Director (HR):- Com. Chandeshwar Singh General Secretary, Com. Islam Ahmad President and Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary, CHQ met with Director HR on 09-10-2017 and discussed the following issues. (i) Amendments to Rule 55(II) (b) of BSNL CDA Rules, 2006 and incorporation of Rule 56(J). Union representatives opposed this as it is against Cabinet decision of Sept, 2000 and it is arbitrary also. (ii) Payment of PLI for 2015-16 to BSNL employees. (iii) Relaxation of educational qualification prescribed in recruitment Rule of Telecom Technician. (iv) Conformational of officials appointed prior to formation of BSNL and after. 


Mobilisation for the 3 day dharna to be held at New Delhi from 9th November, 2017, as per the call of the Central Trade Unions and CHQ.

As per the call of the Central Trade Unions and CHQ, a massive 3 day dharna will be held at New Delhi, from 09th to 11th November, 2017. The dera dalo Gera dalo is being organised, demanding settlement of the 12 point charter of demands of the Central Trade Unions, as well as to express opposition to the anti-worker and pro-corporate policies of the NDA government. NFTE(BSNL) will participate on 9th Nov. 2017.  Circle earnestly requests the District unions of Maharashtra circle, to send at least 5 members for participating in the programme.




Congratulations to Aanganwadi workers in Maharashtra for protracted & relentless Strike of 25 days for wage revision under the leadership of AITUC & getting succeeded.



        All District Secretaries are requested to extend active support to the call of AIBSNL EA on 4th October, 2017 by participating in lunch hour demonstration at Circle/District level throughout the country, to achieve the demand of Wage Revision       

          District Conference of WardhaTelecom District:- The District conference of Wardha was held under the Presidentship of Com.Mohanapur  on 2nd Ocotber , 2017. The conference started at 10.00 am. with Flag Hoisting and   lighting of lamp and paying tribute to Com. Om Prakash Gupta and Com.M.B.Vichare by garlanding his photo, Com. K.S.Kulkarni Secretary (HQ)  inaugurated open session and  addressed the gathering on current issues, 3rd wage revision to non-executives, financial condition of BSNL, PLI, and government's anti CPSU, Anti labour policies etc and aslo appealed to members to participate in lunch hour demonstration call given by AIBSNLEA which is supported by National Forum . Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary elaborated on the circle issues, also spoke on NFTE BSNL achievement after recognition  and  informed about the meeting of CGM Maharashtra with C.S./D.S.of all unions and associations regarding development of Circle and appealed for maximum participation in Ghera dalo Dera dalo programme on 9th Nov. 2017 .Senior Com. Burade, Shri. Lambodary TDM Wardha, DGM Chandrapur also addressed the house. Senior Com Mohmad Ali, Com. Abdul Salm, Com.  Org.Secretary,  Com. Landge District Secretary Nagpur Com. Pandey Dist. President Nagpur, Com. Askar Dist.Secretary Chandrapur, attended the meeting. Com. Salve ,Com. Itankar and Com.Nandanwar were elected unanimously as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  


     Why we oppose Subsidiary Tower Corporation. Editorial (Telecom) English & Hindi.                


         Increase in IDA : 5.3% IDA from 01-10-2017. Total 119+5.3 = 124.3%. 




          Corporate office letter regarding Implementation of superannuation Pension scheme for BSNL employees superannuation pension trust Rules. No.500-51/2015-16/CA II/BSNL  Dated :28.09.2017   Order     Rules

    Grant of Special Casual leave on 12th and 13th October, 2017 for attending National Executive Meeting of NFTE (BSNL) at Vijayawada, A.P. reg. Letter No.-BSNL/39-2/SR/2017, dt-26-09-2017. 


      Meeting of Committee constituted to discuss change in designation:- The meeting of the committee held under the chairmanship of Smt Anima Ray GM(Estt & Rect). The designation of all the left out Cadres were agreed and the employees belonging up to NE-4 scale will be designated as ATT (II). All the employees covered under NE-5 scale (Lineman, Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Painter, AC Mechanic, Sewerman, Welder, Technician (TF), Wireman, Pump Operator, Lift Operator, A.C Operator (E&M) , Telegraphman, Jamadar, Telegarph Overseer are designated as joint T.T) will be designated as joint T.T. (III) The charge man and Draftsman in Telecom factory will be designated as J.E(T.F.) and drafts man from civil wing will be called as JE(Civil). (IV) The TOA Cadre below NE-6 scale will be designated as junior office associate. The re-designation order will be issued after approval from management within short period of time. All the circle/District Secretaries are requested to kindly search if any left out Cadre is there in your Circle/District and same may be inform to chq by 05th of October, 2017, to take further action in the matter.      


   List of officers nominated by the Circles for timely settlement of pensionary benefits. Ltr. No.No.40-06 /2015-Pen (B) Dated: 22.09.2017        

   Amendment to the provisions of General Provident Fund (Central Service) Rules, 1960. Letter No.-01-15/2017-PAT(BSNL), dt-21-09-2017.


 It is reported that management committee of BSNL Board approved the proposal of 3rd pay revision with full 15% fitment w.e.f. 01-01-2017. The IDA will be neutralized as on 31-12-2016. The proposal will be now placed before the remuneration committee of BSNL board headed by an external Director before sending to the BSNL Board.


As per direction received from CHQ  extending support to AIBSNLEA for the Candle Light March to Parliament on 4th October, 2017 and also conduct lunch hour demonstration at SSA/circle level for securing 3 PRC to BSNL Employees. It is requested to participate in the programme to make it a grand success.

Massive Lunch hour demonstration on 15-09-2017:- All the constituents of National Forum will conduct a massive lunch hour demonstration to protest against the policy of Govt to form a separate subsidiary tower company. All the District Secretaries are requested to ensure massive participation of employees in demonstration by coordinating with all the unions and associations in BSNL.
Dera dalo – Ghera dalo:- At Jantar Mantar mass dharana will be organized from 09-11-2017 to 11-11-2017 as per decision of workers convention held on 08/08/2017 in Talkarora Stadium New Delhi to oppose the anti PSU and anti labour policies of Central government. NFTE(BSNL) will participate on 9th Nov. 2017 as the central unions has decided the date of dharna for Government sector and CPSU on 9th Nov. 2017. Hence all Comrades are requested to reach CHQ office MS Type II 17 & 21 Atul Grove Road New Delhi by 9.30 A.Mand will proceed to Jantar Mantar by 10.00A.M.



We strongly condemn the decision of the Central Government to form a Subsidiary Tower Company and there by fragmenting BSNL, we call upon all Unions and Associations to be united to oppose the move of the Government.


    Performance of BSNL. Editorial (Telecom) English & Hindi.   


      Free Night calling facility extended  in Residential connections of serving officials . Ltr.No.2-03/2007-PHA(Pt.)  Dated:29.08.2017


     Provisional Answer Key of Maharashtra Circle for LDCE exam held on 20.08.2017 for the cadre Telecom Technician (erstwhile T.M.)  


        Revision of wages of casual labourers in BSNL. Ltr. No.11-3/2016-L-E Dated: 22.08.2017  


National Executive Committee Meeting scheduled to  be held on12 & 13-10-2017  at Vijayawada (A.P.).  
Joint Committee meeting to suggest Change in Designation of left out Cadres will be held on 05.09.2017.


Meeting with G.M.(Budget): Com.C.Singh G.S., Com.K.S.Kulkarni Secretary, met G.M.(Budget) and discussed the issue of nonpayment of without voucher medical allowance to pensioners. We pointed out that, even after laps of five months of the order, it has not been implemented in the circles. He informed that the remedial action is being taken in this regard and it will be paid shortly. (2) GPF Advance: The circles whose payment of GPF is not done by the CCAs, for such circles GPF funds will be allotted in next week. (Maharashtra, Karnataka etc.).


Meeting with CMD(BSNL):- Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. alongwith Com. N.D. Ram, G.S. SEWA (BSNL), Com. J. Vijay Kumar D.G.S. TEPU, Com. Abdul Samad President TEPU, Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ and Com. Kamraj CHQ invitee and Circle President Tamilnadu met to CMD (BSNL) and discussed the issue of 3rd PRC. Com. Singh conveyed the gist of the meeting with Hon’ble Minister. The CMD shared the information regarding 3rd PRC and he conveyed to entire workforce that we should try to get 3rd PRC at one side and other side we have to ensure the growth and viability of BSNL. He added confidently that 3rd PRC will be achieved with joint efforts of workers and management.



National Forum of BSNL unions & Associations met Hon’ble Minister Communication today:- Com. V. Subburaman G.S, TEPU, and Chairman NFBUA, Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE & convener NFBUA, Com. N.D. Ram G.S. SEWA(BSNL), Com. K.S. Kulkarni Secretary CHQ, Com. J. Vijay Kumar Dy. G.S. TEPU, Com. P. Kamaraj CHQ invitee, Com. K. Natrajan C.S, T.N. Com. R. Anbalagan, C.S, STR. Com. Md. Samad President TEPU, Com. Rashid Khan AGS TEPU alongwith Com. Shanmugam G.S. LPF and Hon’ble Shri Trichy SIVA M.P. (Rajyasabha) met Hon’ble Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Minister of State for Communication in Sanchar Bhawan at 15.30 hrs today and Hon’ble Trichy Siva M.P. handed over a memorandum in respect of implementation of 3rd PRC for BSNL employees. After hearing the delegation Minister reciprocated positively and he assured that though the BSNL is not coming under preview of notification issued by DPE for 3rd PRC. The administrative Ministry wants to implement 3rd PRC for BSNL employees viewing their positive turn around and achieving operational profit for last 3 years. 





           4th   District Conference of Jalgaon Telecom District:- 4th District conference of Jalgaon was held  on 6th  August, 2017. The conference started at 10.00 am. Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary elaborated on the circle issues and other issues . Com. C.H. Toke ,Com.B.P. Saindane and Com. D.S.Mahajan were elected unanimously as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively. (Photo)


      Corporate Office letter  to all IFAs of Circle on payment of GPF advance by the DoT ltr.No.500/57/2016-17/CA-I/GPF/Vol.VII(pt.) Date:04.08.2017

      Corporate Office letter on implementation of the facility of immunity from transfers to the office bearers of the Recognised Unions. Ltr. No.BSNL/31-2SR/2017  Dtd. 02-08-2017.       


         Editorial (Telecom) English & Hindi. GST And Telecom.          


       District Conference of Osmanabad Telecom District:- The District conference of Osmanabad was held under the Presidentship of Com.Loharerkar  on 30th   July, 2017. The conference started at 10.00 am. with lighting of lamp and paying tribute to  Com.M.B.Vichare by garlanding his photo, Shri. Suryawanshi TDM Osmanabad inaugurated open session and Com. K.S.Kulkarni Secretary (HQ) addressed the gathering on current issues, 3rd wage revision to non-executives, financial condition of BSNL, PLI, etc. Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary elaborated on the circle issues and other issues . Com. R.P.Joshi Circle Treasurer, Com. Sangvikar Org.Secretary,  Com. D.G.Kulkarni District Secretary Latur,Com.Tanaji Malewale Dist.Secretary Nanded, Com.Pattewar D.P.Nanded  attended the meeting. Com. Loharekar ,Com. Narkar and Com.Smt.Bagal  were elected unanimously as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.             


   Action taken report of committee constituted for improvement of inspection quarters.   1    2


      Meeting with Shri Anant Geete, Hon’ble Minister for heavy industries:- National Forum of BSNL Unions and associations leaders along with Shri T.K.S. Elangavon M.P. met the Minister today at 15.30 hrs and requested to extend 3rd PRC to BSNL, employees by relaxing affordability condition as it was done for the 7th round of discussion at the time of 2nd PRC. The leaders submitted the detail presentation regarding retirement of more than 80% absorbed employees before next PRC, 26 thousand workers are stagnating and the numbers are increasing every month, 40 thousand new recruits (engineers) will be deprived in case of non - implementation of 3rd PRC. It was also submitted that the department of Telecom was converted into corporatization to implement the Govt. telecom policy, which has been nicely done by the company. Due to continues positive efforts by work force the company is in turnaround position at present. More over the BSNL management is ready to implement 3rd PRC to the employees for which the management have submitted detail presentation to DOT Secretary regarding how to meet the extra expenditure involved for 3rd PRC. The Minister heard patiently and reciprocated positively and assured needful action in the matter.

  Circle receiving encouraging reports from all Districts with regard to lunch hour demonstration called by National Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations inspite a short notice. The programme have been conducted very successfully throughout the country. We sincerely convey our thanks one and all. (Photos )     


        All the District Secretaries are requested to organize massive Lunch Hour Demonstration on 26-07-2017, for settlement of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Kindly co-ordinate with our alliance partners to make the programme success and wear black Badges on 27-07-2017, while on duty.    

    Letter to Secretary DPE regarding  3rd PRC in BSNL



         Com.Ranjan Dani                 Com.D.S.Dahare             Com.Sunil Sonawane

        Circle Secretary                Circle Secretary                Circle Secretary

         NFTE BSNL                    BTEU (BMS)                   SEWA 

Dear Comrade,

          As you are well aware of the fact that, the National Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has taken initiative for settling the issue of 3rd PRC by holding its 1st meeting on 24th May 2017 and calling their members to hold the lunch hour demonstration all over Nation on 14th June 2017 and relay hunger fast on 3rd and 4th July 2017. Simultaneously we have written series of letters to PMO, Secretary DOT and DPE including Minister of heavy industries.

              At the same time BSNL management including CMD himself met Minister of IT and Communication to secure 3rd PRC for their work force.

            Now based on Cabinet approval the DPE notification has to be seen that whether the Administrative Ministry/Board of the PSUs have been empowered by the Cabinet to allow dispension of the “Affordability Clause" of 3rd PRC report. In case Board/Administrative Ministry is empowered then BSNL Board and DOT Administration should implement the 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of its Viability otherwise, we have to fight organisationally. National Forum of BSNL unions/associations are committed for 3rd PRC implementation and in case the BSNL Board/DOT Administration do not implement it, in that case national forum of BSNL unions and association will never hesitate to go on indefinite Strike as decided in 4th July 2017 meeting.

            After taking the stock of the situation an emergent meeting of National Forum of BSNL unions/association met today in Delhi under the Chairmanship of Com. V. Subburaman G.S. TEPU and decided to hold Lunch Hour Demonstration on 26-07-2017 at all levels for securing 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. And also decided to wear the black badges, while on duty on 27-07-2017 to extend moral support and focus our demand. – C. Singh, Convener National Forum of BSNL unions/associations.  


 4th District Conference of Nanded Telecom District:- The District conference of Nanded was held under the Presidentship of Com.Pattewar  on 23rd  July, 2017. The conference started at 10.00 am. with lighting of lamp and paying tribute to Com.Om P. Gupta and Com.M.B.Vichare by garlanding their  photos, Com.Nagapurkar District Secretary AITUC Nanded inaugurated opensession and Com. K.S.Kulkarni Secretary (HQ) addressed the gathering on current issues, 3rd wage revision to non-executives, financial condition of BSNL, PLI, etc. Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary elaborated on the circle issues and other issues . Shri Mandale GMTD Nanded,  addressed the meeting. Com. R.P.Joshi Circle Treasurer, Com. Ashok Hinge Dist.Secretary A'nagar Com. D.G.Kulkarni District Secretary Latur Com. Ram Jadhav D.S.BSNLEU, Com.Sanjeev Khandare D.S.AIBSNLEA, Com.Ramesh Dhone D.S.SEWA attended the meeting.  Com. Pattewar ,Com. Tanaji Malewale  and Com.Pawar  were elected unanimously as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.(Photos )   


    Some applicant trade unions in BSNL has demanded deletion of condition/clause of verification of signature of staff applicant willing to switch over his membership from one union to another by the controlling officer from the prescribed declaration form for deduction of subscription – BSNL management has soughted views of the recognized unions in the matter.

     Details of Accommodations being occupied by Unions/Associations.

     BSNL Sports and Cultural Board meeting was held on 14.07.2017 at BSNL CO,New Delhi. In absence of CMD BSNL, Director (HR) presided over the meeting. Decisions of the meeting are as under:-

1) Recruitments under sports quota (ratio of men and women 60: 40) will be put on fast track.

2) Recruitment will be done for National meets. Promotion and increment pending will be processed on fast track.

3) All India event total 8.

4) In AIBSNL tournament, rates of breakfast and lunch revised to 75 and Rs.125.

5) Kit money enhanced to AIBSNL meet Rs.3,000/- and for PSU Rs.4,000/.

6) Honorarium for circle treasurer increased to Rs.4,000/-.

7) Corporate sports fund increased to 2.5 Crs.

8) Refreshment allowance increased to Rs.300/-. 

       Revision of Labour Rates BSNL Ltr.No.:2-2/2016-WS&I Date:19.07.2017 Click Here

        Pay fixation orders n respect of employees BSNL. No.48-12/2017-Pen(B) dated:19.07.2017 Click Here

     Update on implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL , remittance of Pension Contribution to DoT on actual basic pay.   

     15-07-2017 : 

          BSNL to offer ultra fast 1,000 mbps broadband services. Click Here

14-07-2017 : 

        Pensionary benefits. BSNL endorsement No.48-11/2017-Pen (B) Dated 13.07.2017 Click Here

       Direct recruitment in the of the Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) in BSNL from open market through GATE. No.12-2/2015-Rectt Dtd.13.07.2017. Click Here

      Change of designations committee meeting of left out cadres will be held on 31.07.2017 at 3pm. 

      Restoration Full pension of absorbed employees. Ltr.No.36-01/2017-Pen(T) dtd.06.07.2017 Click Here

     As per CHQ direction and decision of the National Forum of BSNL union and associations to extend solidarity and support to the program of one day fast, which is being held in name of All Union/Associations on 13th July 2017. All the District Secretaries are requested to visit the venue of fast and extend solidarity.

      Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer policy.ltr.No. No 6-112007-Restg Vol-II (pt) Dated: 7th July,2o17 Click Here
    Issue of orders which have a bearing on Pension and pensionary benefits. DOT Ltr.No.40-12/2014-Pen(T)(Pt) Dtd.04.07.2017 Click Here


       Com. D. Gnanaiah is no more. We mourn the sad demise of veteran leader Com. D. Gnanaiah (Ex SG NFPTE), today morning at 04.30 Hrs. We pay our respectful homage to the departed leader & NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family. Com D. Ganaiah former Secretary General of NFTE and towering personality of CG employees. He was arrested and remanded to teehar jail .He was the one of the organiser of 1968 strike. He sat on fast along with Com. Om Prakash GUPTA to restore trade Union rights to NFPTE.
 Tribute To Com. D. Gnanaiah Click Here

07-07-2017 : 

          Modification in R/R for T.T.(erstwhile T.M.): Processing has begun and entrance examination will be introduced in each year for such employees, who do not have 10th standard qualification. Qualified list will be drawn on merit basis.

        LICE for T.T.(erstwhile TM) : There is neither age limit nor service period prescribed in R/R for the LICE. All out efforts be made by Circle/District unions to ensure that maximum ATTs,TSMs etc appear in LICE.

        LICE for JEs (TTA) : President and Secretary Com.K.S.Kulkarni met PGM(Rectt) and apprised her of delay taking place in LICE JE. Vacancies are yet to come from Circles. She has been impressed upon for expeditious steps to hold LICE JE. 

06-07-2017 : 

      IDA order No.W-02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-X-17 Dtd.04.07.2017. Click Here

      Holding of Circle and Local Council meeting as per prescribed time schedule. Ltr.No.BSNL/20-5/SR/2014 Dtd.05.07.2017. Click Here 

05-07- 2017

      LICE for JE promotion:- Issues of vacancies etc are being resolved on the basis of precedents. Union has stressed for holding LICE at circle levels to avoid further delay. Upgradation of Sr. Accountants to Executive. An officer is being deputed to DOT to resolve the matter.

      On Concluding Day: Com. C. Singh G.S. Thanked the participants and supporters of the struggle. Com. Pralhad Rai G.S.AIBSNLEA along with his president Com. Shiv Kumar visited the venue of hunger fast and extended his support to the struggle. While addressing the gathering he gave details about the development regarding 3rd PRC. He also told the gathering if required for getting demand settled he will not hesitate to go on indefinite strike along with National Forum. Com. Islam stated that the Forum led by NFTE has submitted inputs in details which reasonably cannot be ignored by DPE/DOT. The NFTE is not averse to joint struggle along with other Unions and associations. Com. Perumal SEWA BSNL thanked and greeted the participants. The Chairman, National Forum while concluding declared that the forum in its meeting will decide future course of action.


     Well done Comrades:- There has been wide spread and spontaneous response from the workers on the call of two days “Relay Fast”. Almost through out the Maharashtra Circle the programme has been organized in a glorious way. The NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle greet the Comrades of all the constituents of Forum for making the program a great success. PHOTOS

      We extend our sincere thank to Com.M.S.Adsul Dy.G.S. SNEA,Com.Kokate G.S.SNEA,Com.Parulekar,Com.Tuljapurkar Jt.Secretary AIBEA and other leaders and members, who visited the venue of relay fast and expressed their solidarity for the struggle. Also Congratulate the members for making relay fast a grand success in Maharashtra. Please keep it on.


     The IDA increased by 1.9% from 1st July, 2017. With this increase, the new IDA shall be 119%.  

       Details of Temporary status mazdoors (TSMs) regularized on or after 01/10/2000 and absorbed in BSNL w.e.f. 01/10/2000 and covered under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules.

      Approval for issue of Presidential Order in respect of left out casual labourers of (TSMs who have been conferred TSM Status as on or before 30/09/2000 and regularized on or after 01/10/2000)       


    Modifications in the 7th CPC recommendations on pay and pensionary benefits.

     Implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of the 7th CPC – Revision of pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners under 7th CPC.                   


    Corporate office requested all CGM’s to furnish expenditure details of 1st quarter regarding – restoration of without voucher facility to retired employees under BSNLMRS.           


      All District Secretaries are requested to start preparations for conducting RELAY FAST on 03-07-2017 and 04-07-2017 in the head quarters for settlement of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Kindly co-ordinate with our Alliance partners to make the programme a grand success.               


   WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr 2017)

   Training for setting up Aadhaar Enrollment centers at BSNL CSCs for facilitating residents for Enrollment , updation and other Aadhaar related services.

   Holding of LICE for Junior Engineer under 50 quota for the Recruitment year 2016- approval.  
     Social Security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who die untimely i.e. during service – Entirely to be funded by BSNL Employees on pay roll.

    Conducting Divisional Selection Trial Tournament for the year 2017-18.    

      All District Secretaries  are requested to start preparations for conducting RELAY FAST on 03-07-2017 and 04-07-2017 in the head quarters for settlement of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. Kindly co-ordinate with our Alliance partners to make the programme a grand success.

           Com. Ashok Hinge, District Secretary A’Nagar bereaved:- Maharashtra Circle is extremely sorry to inform that Smt. LaxmBai, mother of Shri Ashok Hinge has taken her last breath at A’Nagar today at 11.00 am. NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle offers its heartfelt condolences to Shri Ashok Hinge and share the grief of the family members. Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary and Com.R.P.Joshi Circle Treasurer attended last Rites.


    Cash Payment in lieu of supply of Towel,Soap, Glass - Tumbler , Ball Pen & Refills etc for the year - 2017.  




     Regarding status and condition of IQs/I.Bs in BSNL 


      Circle  receiving reports from various SSAs that, the lunch hour demonstration have been conducted very successfully today, demanding Immediate Settlement of 3rd PRC, Circle conveys it’s sincere thanks and request you all to keep the same spirit till the achievement of goal. 



       As per Call given by National Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, District Secretaries are requested to  Observe “Call attention day” on 14th June 2017 at  District level by organising lunch hour demonstration demanding Immediate Settlement of 3rd PRC in respect of Non-Executives along with alliance partners. Make it a Grand Success. Com. Sunil Sonavane Circle Secretary SEWA BSNL Maharashtra Circle, Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary, Maharashtra Circle.


A workshop on challenges before BSNL, NFTE (thought), Verification and work Culture, Stress management   was orgnised by Aurangabad District union at Aurangabad. The workshop was presided over by Com. D.M. Gayake District  President. The workshop inaugurated by Shri. Shegaonkar DGM (Admin) in absence of PGM Aurangabad. CGM Maharashtra circle addressed the workshop through audio clip in which he spoke on the issue challenges before BSNL and also thanked the workers for brining the Maharashtra Circle at number one through highest revenue earning (Rs.3461 Cr.) and making the Maharashtra Circle profitable (Net Profit of 139 Cr.). Smt. Mangaltai Kheevancera social worker spoke on work culture, Job Satisfaction and stress management. Com.K.S.Kulkarni SecretaryCHQ and Com.Harish Moktali Org.Secretary CHQ attended the workshop on behalf of CHQ. More than 100 participants from Marathawada and Western Maharashtra region attended the workshop. A good number of women employees were also present in the hall. Com. Deepak Jadhav D.S.Raigad, Com. Vishnu Dhobale Advocate High Court, Com.Devidas Tuljapurkar  Joint Secretary AIBEA New Delhi addressed the workshop. Com.K.S.Kulkarni , Spoke on subject NFTE a thought, and Com. H.L.Moktali on ensuing membership verification. The Workshop was organized in a disciplined manner under the leadership of Com. Ranjan Dani C.S., Com.R.P.Joshi Circle Treasurer, Com.Shivaji Chavan D.S. Aurangabad and his team. District secretaries of Jalana,Parbhani,Nanded,Satara,Buldhana participated in the workshop along with their members. The workshop was ended with Vote of Thanks by Com. D.M.Gayake, District President.

Remembering Com. M.B.Vichare      



  DOT Order regarding 7th pay commission _pension.  1     2

 Nomination for Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak/Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak for Exemplary / meritorious performance of BSNL Employees for the year 2017.----  1    2         


  Letter by CMD BSNL to Secretary DOT and Secretary DPE in respect of granting approval of 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. DO No.-BSNL/38-2/SR/2016, dt-01-06-2017.      

 Matters regarding instance of Misconduct by bringing political influence for transfer/deputation.   

 Restoration of OPD Medical Claim Without Voucher facility to Retired Employees     

 Regarding status and condition of IQs/I.Bs in BSNL  

 On line submission of all types of leave applications-ERP.


  HOLD LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION ON 14TH JUNE 2017:   All Dist. Secretaries are requested to make all efforts to make the lunch hour demonstration a very massive and grand success to secure the 3PRC (Wage Revision).                                                                     

  Review of results of failed SC/ST candidates in JAO LICE

 6th Dist Conference Satara (Maharashtra) held on 04.06.2017 Photos      


       The minutes of the committee of Secretaries held on 12-05-2017 in respect of 3rd PRC, Chaired by Cabinet Secretary have come into public domain. It appears that there is no mention of BSNL position in respect of 3rd PRC in the minutes, In view of the seriousness of the situation the representatives of all unions & associations present at Delhi met CMD BSNL at 10.30 hrs, to know the progress of 3rd PRC status with regard to BSNL employees. CMD BSNL said that I know the position and explained the current status of 3rd PRC in DOT. He assured the delegation that he was making all efforts to bring 3rd PRC to BSNL employees. The staff representatives requested CMD BSNL for further persuasion with Govt. on the issue of 3rd PRC.      


      NFTE BSNL written a letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 17-02-2017, with regard to “Niti Ayog” recommendations for sale of BSNL – HQR received reply on 03-06-2017 from PMO office that there is no proposal regarding closure of BSNL”.     


   Sanction of Welfare grant to circles for the year 2016-17. Letter No.-13-01/2016/BSNL(WL), dt-01-06-2017.


       Issue of Presidential orders to left out TSMs who have been conferred TSM status on or before 30-09-2000 and regularized on or after 01-10-2000- DOT guideline for circles circulated by BSNL vide No.-269-2/2011-P-IV/LE(Vol. IV), dt-01-06-2017.    

     Holding of LICE for Junior Engineer under 50% quota for the Recruitment Year -2016 ---- Approval thereof. Letter No.-250-3/2015-Estt-III, dt-31-05-2017. 

     Affordability Not Synonym for Profitability. Editorial (Telecom), English & Hindi.     


    Holding of LICE for JE under 50% quota for the Recruitment Year 2016.

            CGM Maharashtra Circle Press interview. 


            Minutes of CCM of WTP held on 12.05.2017.

            To District Secretaries


        5th District Conference of Latur Telecom District:- The District conference was held under the Presidentship of Com. M.K.Tondare on 28th  May, 2017. The conference started at 11.00 am. with lighting of lamp and paying tribute to Com.Om P. Gupta and Com.M.B.Vichare by garlanding their  photos,  Com. K.S.Kulkarni Secretary (HQ)  inaugurated and addressed the gathering on current issues, 3rd wage revision to non-executives, financial condition of BSNL, PLI, etc. Com.Ranjan Dani Circle Secretary elaborated on the circle issues and other issues . Shri Nithure GMTD Latur, Shri Boyane AGM (Admin)Latur participated and addressed the meeting. Com. R.P.Joshi Circle Treasurer, Com.Narkar District Secretary Osmanabad, Com.Dhakne District  Secretary Beed, Senior Com.D.M.Dange ,Com. D.G.Kulkarni District Secretary Latur addressed the subject Committee., Com. M.K.Tondare ,Com. D.G.Kulkarni  and Com.Kamble  were elected unanimously as President, District Secretary and Treasurer respectively.(Photos )   


Guidelines regarding recovery of excess/wrongful payments made to employees of BSNL. Letter No.-01-6/2016-PAT(BSNL), dt-23-05-2017.


Mobilise the workers for 14th June programme:- The National Forum of BSNL unions and associations consisting of NFTE (BSNL), SEWA BSNL, TEPU, BTEU(BMS), and PEWA (BSNL) has decided to organize “Call Attention Day” on 14th June, 2017. A lunch hour demonstration will take place at BSNL/Circle/District HQRs. The main and only demand is that the BSNL be allowed to do wage revision of its employees being in operational profit and the PSU is ready and willing to bear the expenditures from its own resources without any budgetary support from Govt. The DPE/DOT should not impose restrictive in the guidelines. Please Contact all alliance partners, meet each to every employee and make the programme a grand success.

It is reported that, orders are being issued by corporate Office to Circles for taking necessary action regarding Confirmation/Permanency of BSNL staff.

NFTE (BSNL) has represented to PM in detail about discrimination in realization of pension relating to absorbed employees. While for central government staff it is on actual but for BSNL it is on maximum of the scale. The BSNL is thus burdened with huge pension contribution. The Honorable Prime Minister office has responded on our representation Vide.No.PMOPG/D/2017/0225251 Dt.16.05.2017


Corporate Office withdraws TT LICE notification issued on 27.3.2017 and issued new notification of LICE without the Exam fee. Cancellation of old notification   Forwarding letter    Model notification 


PMO responds to NFTE’s letter dt.9th May 2017 regarding issue of guidelines by DPE for 3rd PRC. DPE is directed by PMO. PMO ID No.: PMOPG/D/2017/0223700 dated 15th May,2017

Meeting with PGM (Estt):-  NEPP: She told about complication as NEPP agreement is approved by DOT. However once again issues are being looked into. However,she indicated favourable response on some issues in NEPP.

   35th Inconclusive NC Meeting: The National Council took place on 11th instant, which was inconclusive. Many items cannot be discussed. On the 19th instant in course of meeting, Director (HR) told union representatives that, another meeting will be convened in July 2017 to discuss the remaining items.


   The Cabinet secretary has reportedly held discussion with the secretaries of different departments. Additional secretary (T) represented the Telecom department.

    The DOT has taken strong view over delay in submission of information in respect of POs relating to TSMs regularized on 1st October 2000 or thereafter. It has told clearly that approval will not be conveyed here after. It is fact the Circle Offices are callous over the issue and do not submit cases in time to BSNL Head quarter. The Circle Secretaries and district secretaries are requested to exert pressures at their levels for complete and in time submission of information of POs. DOT letter No.27-2/2006-SNG (Pt.-IV) Dt.08.05.2017 


   GPF Fund:- Allotment of fund is not possible. GM(Banking) has told this to NFTE representatives today. Steps are being taken to transfer the GPF work of remaining circles to DOT Cells also.

     Confirmation of Non-Executive Employees:- Satisfactory and favourable discussions have taken place in the matter.




       National Forum of BSNL workers Alliance , meeting on 24th May 2017 at NFTE BSNL Head quarter, New Delhi, to discuss the issue of Wage Revision. All are requested to attend positively.  


        We mourn the sad demise of veteran leader Com. M.D.Patil Ex. district Secretary of E 3 Union Kolhapur NFTE BSNL Maharashtra Circle, today morning. Circle Branch  convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.


    Regional Council of WTP Held on 12.05.2017 in which it is assured by management that, all pending medical bills will be cleared shortly.


       Request from SEWA for withdrawal of letter No.-65-3/2015-SCT(Pt-I) dated 10-03-2017 and clarification  Letter No.-65-3/2015-SCT (Pt,-I)/202, dt-26-04-2017.

         In pursuance of interim orders of ADG, Patiala Court, New Delhi in suit No.-538/17 BSNL verses SNEA, C. O. has issued orders to agitators to move out from the BSNL premises. BSNL/9-3/SR/2017/Pt, dt-08-05-2017.    

        Replies of BSNL management on some items 


        Free Night Call service to serving employees in BSNL:- Matter is under consideration. This was told by GM(Admin) in the NC meeting held on 11th May.

       Brief of 35th National Council Meeting       


      JAO RR: Management has agreed to restore 50% Departmental Quota vacancies in JAO LICE after pursuance by NFTE BSNL.  


        D.A. Nale, retired comrade of NFTE presented a cheque of Rs.10000 as donation to our union...! His case of Presidential Order was consistently perceived,  case settled  by CHQ & he received all pensionary benefits..NFTE Zindabad...!  (photo)


    Wage Revision : DOT Representatives are scheduled to meet DPE on 11th May 2017 regarding issuance of Guidelines for wage revision. BSNL Management has reportedly reiterated to DOT for extending 15% fitment for wage revision in BSNL.

     Wrongful Recovery of Excess payment: President and Corporate Office Circle Secretary met PGM (Estt)and requested to withhold the recovery wrongful/excess payment . She told that, GM (HRs) of Punjab, UP(East) and Maharashtra circle has been called on 15/05/2017 with details of said recoveries.

    OLI Case: President and Corporate Office Circle Secretary met GM (Pers) ,who informed that, case of restructuring of Official Language is pending in DOT. Rajbasha Adikari case of Siliguri, WB was also discussed.

   Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy.

    NFTE BSNL addresses Honourable Prime Minister on payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL based on the actual Pay of Employees :  


          Allocation of 50 (final Grant) Welfare grant for the year 2015-16  

       Meeting with Director (HR)/(F): discussed following issues:-   


     Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the Cadre of Telecom Technician (erst-while Telecom Mechanic) Letter No.-250-2/2014-Estt-III, dt-250-2/2014-Estt-III, dt-05-05-2017.      


       Corporate office issued classifications as preventive Health Care. Letter No.-BSNL/Admn.I/15-22/16, dt-01-05-2017.

      Cabinet approves modification in the 7th CPC recommendations on pay and pensionary benefit (PIB). Dated:-03-05-2017.         


      Corporate Office Clarification on Preventive Health Care.   

     Delay in settlement of Medical Bills letter from C.O.BSNL. 


      1st May , 2017 celebration in Maharashtra Circle.  

                01 May 2017 

            May Day Editorial (Telecom) English & Hindi.     














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